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Diabetes mellitus: the main causes of occurrence in adults and characteristic symptoms

Diabetes mellitus is a serious specific disease, which is characterized by a violation of carbohydrate metabolism.

It is directly related to the existing problems of metabolic processes involving proteins, fats, mineral salts and water. As a rule, these problems arise as a result of the development of an insufficient amount of the pancreatic hormone.

The cause of the development of the disease can be a sharp violation of carbohydrate metabolism. Since the pancreas is unable to produce the required amount of insulin, serious malfunctions occur in the body that signal the presence of dangerous problems. So what are the main causes of diabetes in adults?

What is diabetes in adults?

At the moment there are a large number of myths and assumptions, which can be diabetes in adults. Why does he appear in seemingly quite healthy people?

Among the most common assumptions is that this disease has an exclusively viral origin. Some experts argue that diabetes can manifest itself because there is a certain predisposition to it through the maternal line.

However, despite a number of assumptions, it is worth understanding one weighty detail: diabetes cannot be infected in the same way as, for example, AIDS or ARVI.

Leading doctors have found that diabetes is a so-called heterogeneous and multifaceted disease, which may be a manifestation of a different ailment. This type of disease is called symptomatic diabetes. He is also called collateral.

It can occur along with diseases that affect the pancreas and thyroid, pituitary and adrenal glands. In addition, this form can be triggered by long-term use of certain drugs. It is known that after the cessation of their reception, the body returns to normal normal operation without failures.

It is important to note that in diabetes of the first type, the effective and only way to reduce the manifestations of the disease is the regular introduction of the hormone of the pancreas - insulin.

This should be done throughout life, because only in this way the normal functioning and functionality of all organs and systems is maintained.

As you know, diabetes is divided into two known types: insulin-dependent first type and insulin-independent second type. The first type is considered a disease of young people, in particular adolescents, and the second, in turn, adults.

So what makes diabetes in adults? The main cause of diabetes in adults of the second type is a genetic predisposition to it. The secondary causes of diabetes in adults are the presence of overweight in the patient and age.

Usually at risk includes people who are over forty years old.

Since with age-related changes in the body, the normal functioning of many organs decreases (the pancreas is no exception), the person suffers from various serious diseases.

You should also not overlook the fact that people who are overweight can also get diabetes. According to statistics, more than eighty percent of cases are heavy. It is believed that an excessively high fat content in the body significantly violates its ability to use insulin.

If you have extra weight you should think about how to start getting rid of it. This will not only make you feel better, but also reduce the likelihood of type 2 diabetes.


Since the causes of diabetes in an adult are clear, it is necessary to understand in more detail the appearance of probable complications in the case of starting the course of the disease.

In case of improper treatment or insufficient control of the disease, there is a risk of problems with the heart muscle and vessels, diseases of the organs of the excretory system, disorders of the brain and reproductive system, as well as the appearance of problems with visual function. It is possible the emergence of gangrene, which is no less serious danger.

It is important to note that diabetes can occur in children, the complications of which will be similar. One should not forget that in case of late treatment, illiterate therapy or its complete absence, there is a risk of death. This is directly related to the above complications of the disease.

Since it is quite clear from what happens diabetes in adults, it is necessary to listen to the advice of doctors and correct your own lifestyle. Proper and balanced nutrition, the presence of sufficient physical activity, stopping smoking and drinking alcohol, periodical examination at the endocrinologist - all this will eliminate the likelihood of this dangerous and disturbing disease.


As a rule, the following signs of beginning diabetes in adults are noted:

  • no passing thirst;
  • frequent urination;
  • rapid weight loss;
  • feeling weakened;
  • chronic fatigue;
  • irritability and aggressiveness;
  • nausea and retching.

What is required of a patient when anxiety symptoms are detected?

Since the main causes of diabetes in adults are quite clear, you need to figure out what to do when you find the above alarming symptoms.

Of course, the unquestionable is the assertion that when the first signs of the presence of the disease are detected, one should immediately take care of one’s own health.

First you should visit a specialist who will help to deal with the symptoms, as well as confirm or refute the diagnosis, which was made independently.

If the pronounced symptoms of diabetes are completely absent, you must immediately undergo an urgent medical examination. If the diagnosis is not confirmed, you should still monitor the level of sugar in the blood and urine, just in case.

First of all, it concerns those adults who have a predisposition to this dangerous endocrine system disease. The risk group includes patients who have parents with diabetes, as well as those who are over forty years old. Also, do not forget about people suffering from obesity. After a frightening diagnosis was made, you need to come to grips with changing your own lifestyle, which, as a rule, is far from ideal.

First you need to get rid of what causes diabetes in adults - overweight.

This is the only moment that, if desired, each person can change. Genetic predisposition and age cannot be changed, and it is always possible to eliminate one of the causes of diabetes, that is, extra pounds.

After the weight has returned to normal, you should think about maintaining it in this form and the observance of a special diabetic diet. It is necessary to focus on products such as vegetables, fruits, meat and milk.

It is very important not to forget about the use of glucose, since it is the main source of energy. Failure to comply with this rule can lead to a rapid depletion of the body's strategic reserves. To avoid this, it is necessary to provide the body with enough protein, vitamins and other beneficial substances.

Since it is known what causes diabetes in adults, it is necessary to do immediate weight loss. This will instantly solve all major problems and improve overall health.

What is strictly forbidden to use in diabetes?

The most important rule of every diabetic is not something about whose safety nothing is known. If you ignore this rule, then you can face a lot of unpleasant consequences. These include the development of hyperglycemia with the transition to hyperglycemic and other types of coma, as well as the acceleration of the progression of any complications of this serious and incurable disease.

List of products that should be abandoned:

  • fresh pastries and puff pastry;
  • smoked products;
  • meat broths;
  • duck meat, pork and beef;
  • fatty fish;
  • bananas, grapes, dates, figs, strawberries, raisins;
  • butter;
  • whole milk, sour cream, kefir and high-fat yogurts;
  • potatoes, peas, pickled vegetables;
  • sugar, candy, butter biscuits, fruit juices and fast food.
Proper nutrition and the complete elimination of all harmful products will eliminate the cause of a dangerous disease. Since it is known what causes diabetes in adults, it is also necessary to begin to fight overweight.

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This article contains useful information about the causes of diabetes. This will allow you to learn more about the risk factors that can cause illness and harm the body. Upon detection of the initial unpleasant and painful symptoms, an urgent need to contact the medical institution for help. The attending endocrinologist will refer you to the appropriate examination, which will give answers to all questions of the patient. There will also be a special course of treatment, which consists of taking certain medications, adherence to a special diet, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and giving up bad habits that trigger complications. You also need to periodically show your doctor and pass all the necessary tests, which will control the concentration of glucose in the blood plasma. Thus, it is possible to avoid the occurrence of complications and lead a normal life.

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