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How to take Diabeton MV (60 mg) and its analogues

Patients with the second type of diabetes do not need insulin injections for a long time. Most of them can only be compensated for the disease with tablets with hypoglycemic agents. Diabetes MB 60 mg - one of these funds, its action is based on the stimulation of its own insulin production. In addition to the impact on carbohydrate metabolism, Diabeton has a protective and regenerating effect on blood vessels, improves the elasticity of their walls, prevents atherosclerosis.

The drug is simple to take and has a minimum of contraindications, because of this it is widely used in the treatment of diabetes. Despite the apparent safety, drink it without the approval of the doctor or exceed the dose can not. A prerequisite for the appointment of Diabeton - proven lack of insulin. While the pancreas is working normally, preference should be given to other antidiabetic agents.

How does the drug

Diabeton has a medicinal effect on the body in diabetes due to the presence of gliclazide in its composition. All other components of the drug - auxiliary, thanks to them the structure of the tablet and its timely absorption is provided. Gliclazide belongs to the sulfonylurea derivative group. It contains several substances with similar properties, in Russia, in addition to gliclazide, glybenclamide, glimeperid, and glykvidon are common.

Diabetes and pressure surges in the past

  • Sugar normalization -95%
  • Elimination of vein thrombosis - 70%
  • Elimination of palpitations -90%
  • Excessive Blood Pressure - 92%
  • Increased vigor during the day, improved sleep at night -97%

The sugar-reducing property of these drugs is based on their effect on beta cells. These are pancreatic structures that synthesize insulin. After taking Diabeton, insulin release in the blood increases, while sugar decreases.

Diabeton is only effective if the beta cells are alive and still partially performing their functions. Therefore, the drug not used for type 1 diabetes. Its purpose is undesirable in the first time after the debut of type 2 disease. This type of diabetes is characterized by high insulin production at the onset of carbohydrate disorders, and then by gradual attenuation of secretion over several years.

High sugar for the first time is caused mostly by insulin resistance, that is, by poor perception of insulin by the tissues. The main sign of insulin resistance is overweight in a patient. Therefore, if obesity is observed, diabeton is not prescribed. At this time, drugs that reduce resistance, such as Metformin (a dose of 850 mg). Diabeton is included in the treatment regimen when the deterioration of the function of beta cells is established. You can identify it with the analysis of c-peptide. If the result is below 0.26 mmol / l, the appointment of Diabeton is justified.

Thanks to this tool, the production of insulin in diabetes is close to physiological: the peak of secretion returns in response to glucose, which enters the bloodstream from carbohydrate foods, and hormone production increases in phase 2.

In addition to stimulating beta cells, Diabeton and other tablets on the basis of gliclazide have a significant effect on the rate of development of atherosclerotic changes in the vessels:

  1. Act as an antioxidant. Diabetes is characterized by increased production of free radicals and weakened protection of cells from their effects. Due to the aminoazobicyclooctane group in the gliclazide molecule, dangerous free radicals are partially neutralized. The antioxidant effect is especially noticeable in small capillaries, therefore, when Diabeton is taken, symptoms are smoothed in patients with retinopathy and nephropathy.
  2. Restore the properties of the vascular endothelium. This is due to the increased synthesis of nitric oxide in their walls.
  3. Reduce the risk of thrombosis, as they reduce the ability of platelets to stick together.

The effectiveness of Diabeton is confirmed by research. When used in a dose of 120 mg, a decrease in the frequency of vascular complications of diabetes was noted by 10%. The remedy showed the best results in a protective effect on the kidneys, the risk of nephropathy progress decreased by 21%, proteinuria - by 30%.

For a long time it was believed that sulfonylurea derivatives accelerate the destruction of beta cells, and hence the progression of diabetes. It is currently established that this is not the case. At the beginning of the reception of Diabeton MV 60 mg, insulin secretion increases by an average of 30%, then every year this figure decreases by 5%. In patients who control sugar only with a diet or a diet and metformin, the first 2 years of reduction of synthesis are not observed, then - about 4% per year.

Instructions for use of Diabeton MV

The letters MV in the name of the drug indicate that this is a means of modified release (the English version of MR - modified release). In the tablet, the active ingredient is placed between the fibers of the hypromellose, which forms a gel in the gastrointestinal tract. Due to this structure, the drug is released longer, its action lasts for a day. Diabetes MB is produced in the form of tablets, when the tablet is divided into parts, the drug does not lose its prolonged effect.

On sale there are dosages of 30 and 60 mg. Take them once a day, preferably at breakfast. The tablet can be broken in half to reduce the dosage, but not chewed or crushed into powder.

Regular, not MB, Diabeton is available with an increased dose of gliclazide - 80 mg, they drink it twice a day. Currently, it is considered obsolete and practically not used, since the prolonged preparation gives a more pronounced and stable effect.

Diabeton is well combined with other hypoglycemic agents. Most often it is prescribed in combination with Metformin. If stimulation of insulin production is not enough, with type 2 diabetes, tablets can be used along with insulin injections.

The initial dosage of Diabeton, regardless of the age and stage of diabetes in a patient, is 30 mg. At this dose, the remedy will have to be drunk throughout the first month of administration. If 30 mg is not enough for normal glycemic control, the dosage is increased to 60, in another month - to 90, then to 120. Two tablets, or 120 mg - the maximum dose, it is forbidden to use more per day. If Diabeton in combination with other hypoglycemic agents cannot provide normal sugar in type 2 diabetes, insulin is prescribed to the patient.

If the patient consumed Diabeton 80 mg, and wants to switch to a modern drug, the dose is calculated as follows: 1 tablet of the old drug is replaced with 30 mg of Diabeton MV. After the transition within a week, glycemia needs to be controlled more often than usual.

Reception during pregnancy and lactation

The potential impact of drugs on the fetus during pregnancy is investigated without fail. To determine the degree of risk most often used classification FDA. In it, the active substances are grouped into classes according to the level of impact on the embryo. Almost all sulfonylurea drugs belong to class C. Animal studies have shown that they lead to disruption of the child’s development or toxic effects on him. However, most changes are reversible, congenital anomalies did not occur. Due to the high risk, no human studies have been conducted.

Diabetes MB in any dose during pregnancy is prohibited, as well as other oral agents for diabetes. Insulin preparations are prescribed instead. It is advisable to switch to insulin during the planning period. If the pregnancy occurred while taking Diabeton, the pill must be urgently canceled.

Studies on the penetration of gliclazide into breast milk and through it into the child’s body have not been conducted, therefore, Diabeton is not prescribed during the period of breastfeeding.


The list of contraindications to receive Diabeton and its analogues:

  1. The absolute lack of insulin due to damage to beta cells in type 1 diabetes or severe stage 2 type.
  2. Childhood. The second type of diabetes in children is an extremely rare disease, so the effect of gliclazide on the growing body has not been studied.
  3. The presence of skin reactions due to hypersensitivity to tablets: rash, itching.
  4. Individual reactions in the form of proteinuria and joint pain.
  5. Low sensitivity to the drug, which can be observed both from the beginning of the reception, and after a while. To overcome the threshold of sensitivity, you can try to increase its dose.
  6. Acute complications of diabetes: severe ketoacidosis and ketoacidotic coma. At this time, a switch to insulin is required. After treatment, diabeton treatment is resumed.
  7. Diabetes is broken down in the liver, so it is not possible to drink it in case of liver failure.
  8. After cleavage, the drug is mostly excreted by the kidneys, so it is not used for nephropathy complicated by renal failure. The use of Diabeton is allowed if the SCF does not fall below 30.
  9. Alcohol in combination with Diabeton increases the risk of hypoglycemic coma, therefore alcohol and drugs with ethanol are prohibited.
  10. The use of miconazole, an antifungal agent, greatly increases insulin production and contributes to the development of severe hypoglycemia. Miconazole can not be taken in pills, administered intravenously and use the gel for the oral mucosa. Miconazole shampoos and skin creams are permitted. If miconazole is to be used, the dose of Diabeton should be temporarily reduced.

Side effects of the drug

The most frequent adverse effect of Diabeton on the body is hypoglycemia caused by a lack of carbohydrates or an inadequately determined dose of the drug. This is a condition in which sugar falls below a safe level. Hypoglycemia is accompanied by symptoms: internal tremor, headache, hunger. If sugar is not increased in time, the patient’s nervous system may suffer. The risk of hypoglycemia after taking the drug is classified as frequent and is less than 5%. Due to the maximum natural effect of Diabeton on the synthesis of insulin, the probability of a dangerous decrease in sugar is lower than that of other drugs in the group. Exceeding the maximum dosage of 120 mg can develop severe hypoglycemia, down to coma and death.

A patient in this condition needs urgent hospitalization and intravenous glucose.

More rare side effects:

EffectFrequencyNumeric range
Allergyseldomless than 0.1%
Increased skin sensitivity to the sunseldomless than 0.1%
Changes in the bloodrarely disappear themselves after discontinuationless than 0.1%
Digestive disorders (symptoms - nausea, heartburn, abdominal pain) are eliminated by taking the drug simultaneously with foodvery rarelyless than 0.01%
Jaundicerarelysingle messages

If diabetes has had high sugar for a long time, a temporary deterioration in vision may be observed after starting diabeton. Most often, patients complain of blurred or haze. A similar effect is common with the rapid normalization of glycemia and does not depend on the type of pills. After a couple of weeks, the eyes will adjust to the new conditions, and the vision will return. To reduce the drop in vision, the dose of medication should be increased slowly, starting with the minimum.

Some drugs in combination with Diabeton may enhance its effect:

  • all anti-inflammatory drugs, especially phenylbutazone;
  • fluconazole, antifungal drug from the same group with miconazole;
  • ACE inhibitors - drugs to reduce pressure, often prescribed for diabetes (Enalapril, Capoten, Captopril, etc.);
  • means to reduce the acidity in the gastrointestinal tract - famotidine, nizatidin and others with the end - tidin;
  • streptotsid, antibacterial agent;
  • clarithromycin, an antibiotic;
  • antidepressants related to monoamine oxidase inhibitors - moclobemide, selegilin.

It is desirable to replace these preparations with others with similar action. If substitution is not possible, during the joint intake it is necessary to lower the dose of Diabeton and measure sugar more often.

What can replace

Diabeton is the original drug of gliclazide, the rights to the trade name belong to the French company Servier. In other countries, it is marketed under the name Diamicron MR. Diabeton is shipped to Russia directly from France or produced in a company owned by Servier (in this case, the manufacturer indicated the manufacturer Serdiks LLC, these tablets are also original).

The remaining drugs with the same active ingredient and a similar dosage are generics. It is believed that generics are not always as effective as the original. Despite this, products with domestically produced gliclazide have good patient feedback and are widely used in the treatment of diabetes. Prescription patients often receive drugs manufactured in Russia.

Analogs of Diabeton MB:

Group of drugsTrade nameManufacturerDosage mgAverage price per pack, rub.
Means with prolonged action, full analogs of Diabeton MVGliclazide MBAtoll, Russia30120
Glidiab MBAkrikhin, Russia30130
DiabetalongSintez, Russia30130
Diabefarm MVPharmacor, Russia30120
GlycladKrka, Slovenia30250
Conventional drugs with the same active ingredientGlidiabAkrikhin, Russia80120
DiabefarmPharmacor, Russia80120
Gliklazid-AkosSintez, Russia80130

What do the sick ask

Question: Diabeton began to take 5 years ago, gradually the dose from 60 mg increased to 120. For the last 2 months, after eating food, the sugar, instead of the usual 7-8 mmol / l, is about 10, sometimes even higher. What is the reason for the poor effect of the remedy? How to return sugar back to normal?

Answer: Hyperglycemia when taking Diabeton can be caused by several reasons. First, the sensitivity to this drug may decrease. In this case, you can try other medicines from this group or restrict yourself to other antidiabetic agents. Secondly, with a long history of diabetes, cells that produce insulin die. In this case, the only way out is insulin therapy. Thirdly, you need to revise your diet. Perhaps the amount of carbohydrates in it gradually increased.

Question: Two months ago, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Glyukofazh 850 was prescribed in the morning for 1 tablet, there was no result. A month later, Glibenclamide 2.5 mg was added, sugar practically did not decrease. Soon I go to the doctor. Should I ask to write me diabeton?

Answer: Perhaps the prescribed dosage is insufficient. Glyukofazh per day you need 1500-2000 mg, 2-3 times a day. Glibenclamide can also be safely increased to 5 mg. There is a suspicion that you have the wrong type of diabetes. It is necessary to pass an additional examination and find out if the secretion of insulin is present and in what volume. If not, have to prick insulin.

Question: I have type 2 diabetes, overweight, I need to lose at least 15 kg. Is Diabeton and Reduxin normally combined? Will I need to reduce the dose of Diabeton after losing weight?

Answer: There are no contraindications to the simultaneous administration of these drugs. But Reduxine may be unsafe. This remedy is prohibited in cardiovascular diseases and hypertension. If you have obesity and significant experience of diabetes, for sure these contraindications are either present or are expected in the near future. The best way to lose weight in this case is a low carbohydrate diet with a restriction (but not cuts to a minimum!) Calories.Simultaneously with the loss of kilograms, insulin resistance will also decrease, and the dose of Diabeton can be reduced.

Question: I have been drinking Diabeton for 2 years, fasting glucose is almost always normal. Recently I noticed that when I sit for a long time, my feet go numb. At the reception at the neurologist found a decrease in sensitivity. The doctor said that this symptom means the onset of neuropathy. Always believed that complications occur only with high sugar. What is the matter? How to avoid neuropathy?

Answer: The main cause of complications is, indeed, hyperglycemia. In this case, not only fasting glucose damages nerves, but also any increase in glucose during the day. To find out now whether diabetes is sufficiently compensated for you, you need to donate blood for glycated hemoglobin. If the result is higher than normal, you need to contact your doctor for correction of the dose of Diabeton or the appointment of other drugs. In the future, sugar should be measured not only in the morning, but also during the day, preferably 2 hours after each meal.

Question: My grandmother is 78, diabetes for more than 10 years, drinking Maninil and Siofor. For a long time, sugar was kept close to normal, minimum complications. Gradually, the tablets began to help worse, increased the dose, still sugar is more than 10. Recently, up to 15-17 mmol / l, my grandmother has a lot of bad symptoms, lies half a day, has lost weight by size. Would it be good if Maninil was replaced by Diabeton? I heard that this drug is better.

Answer: If there is a decrease in the effect of glucose-lowering pills at the same time as losing weight, then own insulin is not enough. It's time for insulin therapy. Older people who can not cope with the introduction of the drug, prescribe a traditional scheme - injections twice a day.

Diabeton Reviews

Year saw Metformin, dropped during this time 15 kg, 10 more left over. The doctor transferred me to Diabeton in a minimum dose of 30 mg. At first I was even glad; I only drink it once and reduces sugar well. And then I realized that each skip of food or a small portion leads to a drop in sugar. As a result, my weight loss stopped, and already gained 2 kg. At your own risk, I returned to Metformin, I will continue to slim.
My diabetes is already 12 years old. I have been drinking diabeton for the last 2 years, sugar cannot be kept without it. The endocrinologist said that this was my last hope, then only injections. Pills are transferred well, for a normal sugar I need only one thing with a dose of 60 mg. Now the glycated hemoglobin is about 7, and earlier it could be 10. Surprisingly, after six months of admission, the pressure decreased. But the vision did not get better, the ophthalmologist is frightened by retinal surgery.
I was diagnosed with diabetes by chance, I underwent a blood test, and there, on an empty stomach, glucose was 13, and there were no special symptoms, I lived as usual. I immediately wanted to appoint insulin, refused. Started drinking Siofor and Diabeton. Sugar in the first days fell to 9, and then very slowly, for a month, crawled down. Now 6, maximum 8.
I am engaged in a gym, there Diabeton was advised as the best anabolic. Drank 1.5 months 1 tablet, chose the smallest dosage. During this time, scored 4 kg. I carefully studied the instructions for use, fulfilled all the requirements, got a gainer after training and was happy with the result. As a result, caught hypoglycemia behind the wheel. Terrible symptoms - shakes, almost lose consciousness. I barely parked in the nearest stall I bought a bun and then left for a long time. I quit drinking pills, I regret that I believed in excellent reviews.

Sample prices

Regardless of the place of production and dosage, the cost of packing original Diabeton MB tablets is about 310 rubles. You can buy tablets at online pharmacies for less, but in most of them you will have to pay for delivery.

A drugDose mgPieces in a packMaximum price, rub.Minimum price, rub.
Diabeton MW3060355263

Before using the drug, consult with a specialist.

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