Pancreatic treatment at home

In the chronic form of diseases of the gland that produces hormones and digestive juice, the doctor prescribes home treatment. It will be needed after undergoing a therapeutic course in a hospital for the purpose of preventing a disease of the organ. What techniques are used to achieve a quick and effective result of treatment? Is it possible to remove inflammation from the pancreas at home by yourself?

All arsenal of home remedies

Experts believe that several attacks of acute pancreatitis (inflammation of the gland) can lead to its chronic form. From the patient will need a radical change in his lifestyle. Specific actions in this direction include preventing overeating of fatty foods, alcohol, and therapy for existing diseases of the gallbladder, duodenum, and liver.

Treatment of the pancreas at home is carried out outside the acute stage. The doctor prescribes the use of enzyme preparations (Pancreatin, Creon, Festala), antispasmodics (Besy, belladonna extract, Papaverine). Great importance for the prevention of new exacerbations has a diet with the complete elimination of alcoholic beverages and the consumption of food with a moderately elevated protein content.

It has been established that the method of restoration and purification of the pancreas simultaneously has a beneficial effect on the intestines and joints. To do this, you need to pass through a blender or meat grinder 2 kg of parsley. Add 3 liters of unpasteurized village milk to the vegetable mass. Place the milk-plant mixture in a 5-liter enamel bowl (pan). Cook means should be on low heat - 1.0-1.5 hours to a porridge.

During the day, you need to eat only the protein-herbal mixture. Allowed to drink mineral water ("Essentuki", "Borjomi", "Barvikhinskaya"). After a 5-day course of treatment, you can eat bananas, baked potatoes, honey, celery; use juices - beetroot, carrot. For a long time, it is allowed to drink whey from home yogurt in case of diseases of the pancreas.

If the patient is diagnosed with diabetes, the juicy extracts are diluted in half with boiled water, honey is used in limited quantities - up to 30 g per day. The arsenal of methods for treating the pancreas at home is not only rich in oral medications.

The most simple phyto-and apitherapy drugs

To cure the digestive organ is recommended with the help of oatmeal. Pre-grain is washed in running water. Dried on a dry napkin. You will need to pass it through a blender or meat grinder. 1 tbsp. l ground oats pour 5 cups of water. Cook over low heat for 10-15 minutes. Infused kissel 2 hours. Broth taken for half an hour before meals.

Drink one third of a cup in small portions at regular small intervals.

Treatment of chronic inflammation with herbs is milder for the pancreas and liver, and side effects for the body in the form of individual intolerance and allergy are practically excluded.

The following collection of medicinal plants is used: shoots of British elecampane, a series of threefold, leaves of coltsfoot, in a ratio of 1: 2: 1. 3 tbsp. l mixtures of natural raw materials pour 0.5 liters of water. Boil for 4-5 minutes. It is necessary to insist in a closed container for a couple of hours.

It is also taken in slow sips. Infusion is useful in the form of heat, 30-40 minutes before a meal. Courses taking oatmeal and herbal can be alternated for 3 weeks. Then a 7-day break is taken.

The use of flower pollen has been tested as part of auxiliary treatment. A beekeeping product is a concentrated component of nutrition. Its use allows you to supplement the usual dishes of those substances that the body lacks.


  • improves appetite;
  • restores the state of pancreatic tissue;
  • acts as a natural antibiotic;
  • maintains a normal physical and psychological state.

Accept the device for 1 tsp. 20 minutes before meals twice a day. Course 1.0-1.5 months. Repeat at least 2 times a year, more often in late autumn, early spring. It is better to use not on an empty stomach, but before the second breakfast, especially for children or elderly people. The exception is that you can not use the tool at night or late in the evening.

Herbal fees are taken for ½ cup twice a day, 20-30 minutes before meals

The pharmacological industry presents pollen in various formats:

  • granules, in containers of 100 g, 25 g;
  • tablets of 0.25 g ("Polenapin");
  • with the addition of royal jelly at 0.10 g ("Polenovital");
  • paste, consisting of honey and perga, in banks of 500 g ("Vitas").

If there is no allergy to bee products, the maintenance dose for adults is 10 g per day, the maximum is 20 g. “Pediatric” dosage is considered up to 12 years (up to this age - 7 g). In case of diabetes mellitus type 2, the use of preparations with a honey content needs to be corrected, based on the results of the glycemic level in the blood.

Wonder gymnastics for abdominal organs

Special exercises have been developed that have a beneficial effect on all the digestive organs of the abdominal cavity. Reference: health breathing is as follows: inhale is performed through the nose, the air is exhaled through the mouth. The procedure lasts for 3 minutes, is performed with sufficient effort. It is important to monitor the posture, straightened chest.

Respiratory gymnastics is capable of:

What to do in case of a pancreatitis attack at home
  • reduce inflammation in the body;
  • dissolve adhesions in tissues;
  • restore lymphatic and blood supply to cells;
  • normalize the cleaning function of the liver;
  • maintain the tone of the intestinal walls.

The whole complex consists of 3 exercises.

First: the starting position is standing, legs apart, shoulder-width apart, hands on the belt. It is necessary to try to minimize the shoulder blades on the back in order to straighten and prepare the lungs. On inspiration for 5 seconds should fill the stomach with air. To pause - 10 seconds. On the exhale (10 seconds) the walls of the abdomen are drawn in. The second pause will take 5 seconds.

The second exercise starts from the same starting position. You need to dramatically pull the belly with force. Pause for 2 seconds. The next action is to rapidly inflate the belly, a pause - 1 second. Repeat 2 times.

The third exercise. A known starting position is taken. Exhale - consistently sucked belly. On the inhale, on the contrary, the gradual protrusion of the upper part, middle, bottom. It is convenient to count when doing the exercise: one, two, three. By the time it takes 2-3 minutes. To control the movement of the abdominal walls helps the hand lying on it.

A diet for patients with pancreatic pathologies contains a slightly increased amount of protein foods.

More Household Auxiliary Treatments

To relieve pain in the epigastric region, other symptoms of pancreatitis (severity, dyspepsia) can be with the help of petroleum products. Gaskets soaked with paraffin and laid on the right hypochondrium. Contraindications to self-treatment procedures are acute pain, unexplained diagnosis, malignant neoplasms.

What else can treat the pathologies of an inflammatory gland? Available non-standard methods of treatment do not exclude the therapy of official medicine and bring significant results in tandem with them.

To treat the pancreas at home is recommended:

  • objects of inorganic nature (clay, stones, minerals, metals);
  • essential oils (geraniums, eucalyptus, ginger, lavender);
  • color therapy;
  • mummy.

It is believed that it is useful for patients to wear jewelry with precious stones (emerald, sapphire, pearls). The use of metals, clay is combined with the use of vegetable, fruit juices. With a normal level of glucose in the blood is allowed to drink grape juice. 1 tsp white clay is mixed with 1 cup of carrot juice. Drink 1/3 cup, three times a day, regularly, for 21 days. A 10-day break is taken and the course is repeated.

With metallotherapy, if the pancreas hurts, zinc and magnesium are put into clean water (1 l). If the metals are in the form of coins, then they will be needed in the amount of 2-3 pieces. Aged solution for 1 week. We also accept the exchange rate. Mumiyo (0.25 g) diluted in 200 ml of water. All solution is drunk half an hour before meals. Treatment mummy long.

Treat a number of diseases of the gland can be color therapy. For the pancreas experts recommended yellow. The patient chooses a convenient place for himself, relaxes: his hands can be put on his knees, his legs are slightly apart, his eyes are closed. The breathing is deep and calm. Once a day, you need to find the right time to perform the session.

A person represents a yellow color (for example, an object in the form of a sphere). Imagines how he enters through the top of his head. The rendered yellow ball passes through the solar plexus to the pancreas, which is located from the right hypochondrium to the navel. It is important to concentrate on the sensation of color. Imagine how it gradually disperses throughout the body. Only then eyes open.

The absence of pain of any nature and dyspeptic syndrome is an indirect indicator of improved organ health. Reliably check the state of the pancreas, diagnose changes allows a stationary method of ultrasound.

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