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Traditional food, having mainly cereal grains, is especially popular with many nations of the world. It is tasty, healthy and satisfying. Porridge can be used as an independent dish for breakfast or dinner, as a side dish for meat and fish - for lunch. Sick and healthy people do not just eat boiled cereals, but give them preference, try to diversify the recipe of cooking. Are there any restrictions for the use of porridge for pancreatitis? Which of the croup is allowed to have in chronic pancreatic disease?

Causes of a pancreatic attack can be lesions close to the pancreas of other organs of the digestive system. After suffering an acute form of the disease, chronic symptoms often develop. Provocation are gross violations of the diet:

  • long breaks in the meal;
  • rich fatty foods;
  • alcohol abuse.

A characteristic sign is considered pain in the abdomen, and that occurs suddenly. Pain symptom can be both acute and blunt in strength. It is localized, most often, in the left hypochondrium. Pain is not excluded, at the same time, in the right side, surrounding. As a rule, they occur after eating.

Some patients who have pain associated with food, try to eat less, contributing, thereby further development of organ dysfunctions. The person is losing weight rapidly, physically, is losing strength. The pain is accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea (weak stool), fever. In moments of acute attack, you must refrain from any food, until the symptom is relieved, you must rest and apply a cold to the abdomen.

Chronic pancreatitis is treated comprehensively. Therapy is based on a combination of several methods. The leading role among them is played by medical nutrition. Porridge is an indispensable dish in the patient's diet.

Dietary recommendations

Eight principles of therapy, focused on the use of cereals:

Pancreatic Diet for Pancreas
  • The diet should be enough protein - up to 140 g per day for an adult. Using porridge as a side dish, you should add to them boiled lean meat, fish, cottage cheese.
  • Dishes from cereals - carbohydrate food, consumed in quantities of up to 350 g
  • Concentrated, whole foods are excluded from the menu. Milk porridge boiled in water, with the addition of protein product.
  • Butter is used during the exacerbation stage. Fats are present in the diet to 70-80 g.
  • Food is taken in shabby form, so as not to irritate the membranes of the organs of the digestive tract. Porridge cooks longer than usual.
  • It is unacceptable to eat at one time in a plentiful amount.
  • Observing the principle of fractional and frequent meals (up to 6-7 times), during the day you can eat porridge for pancreatitis from different types of cereals.
  • During the exacerbation of the disease is shown abstinence from food, including carbohydrate. It should not last more than 1-2 days. The ban does not apply to fluid intake (mineral water, herbal infusions).

Kashi recommended semi-liquid consistency, crushed grain - well-cooked

The patient should not reduce the energy value of food. For an adult person of normal build, performing an average physical activity, the diet contains 2800 calories. A full portion of porridge is, according to the standards of nutrition, 300 g. More often, half-proportions are used — 150 g, since with pancreatitis you can add more protein foods (scrambled eggs or cottage cheese pudding).

Full review of croup

Useful recommendations the patient must abide for a long time. A significant improvement in the condition of the body allows the doctor to allow the expansion of the diet. According to the diet developed by specialists, within the framework of clinical nutrition, cereal products are allowed:

  • semolina;
  • oatmeal;
  • rice
  • barley;
  • buckwheat.

Cereals, which contain non-fine grain (barley, corn, wheat), it is advisable to crush, for example, in a coffee grinder. According to the research, in the amount of protein, corn, millet are significantly inferior to wheat, rice, buckwheat.

Separately in the list of recommended cereals is semolina. Semolina with pancreatitis, most often, occurs on the patient's table, due to the easy digestibility of the dish. It has a lot of starch and almost no fiber.

Liquid rice cereals are also always present in the clinical nutrition. By biological value, the content of vegetable protein and high-quality starch rice is in the first place among the cereals.

Buckwheat is classified into 2 types: pierced and jadri. The first is a kernel split into several parts, the second is the whole buckwheat. Plow more suitable for diet food, cooking viscous porridges.

What porridge can be used for endocrine gland disease with digestive functions? The answer of the experts is: we eat everything except wheat and wheat flour is finely ground

Millet is obtained from the core of millet. Millet porridge with pancreatitis is undesirable. It is non-viscous in consistency, and crumbly, can cause allergic reactions of the body. The main thing is that millet is significantly inferior to rice and buckwheat in the content of vegetable protein.

The industry produces several types of products from oats (oatmeal for kissels, flakes “Hercules”, steamed unbroken, flattened cereals). The latter is ideal for the diet of the patient. It has small cracks obtained during the crushing. Hercules croup, in contrast, has a large, 2 times, cooking time - 20 minutes.

Cereals from wheat, barley, and corn are distinguished by the size of grain grinding - from №№ 1-5. The smaller the number, the larger the grain grains. Wheat cereal with pancreatitis is prepared from cereals №№ 4,5. Barley and barley are obtained from barley.

Practical advice: pearl barley will be softer if you pre-boil the cereal in water for 3 hours before cooking. Many housewives add cottage cheese, milk, yogurt to pre-cooked barley and minced meat. Barley porridge with pancreatitis is more useful than barley.

"Tsar porridge"

Cooks suggest using the blend option. Due to this it turns out to diversify food. Cereals to be mixed must have the same cooking time, be combined in taste.

The industry produces special cereals with high biological value. Their composition contains grain crops of different types that enrich the mixture (buckwheat, crushed rice, oatmeal, boiled wheat, pea flour).

When choosing cereals, it is necessary to pay attention to the variety of goods.

The “tsar-porridge” supplements are dried egg powder, skimmed milk powder, mineral substances, and vitamins of group B, PP. Among consumers, biologically valuable products are in demand because of the pleasant taste. They quickly boil soft.

Attention: the higher the product grade, the better its quality. To remove hollow grains, dust, grits (except for manna, oatmeal) are washed several times in warm water. In viscous porridge, well boiled grains should stick together. When hot, it represents a thick mass.

300-400 ml of liquid is taken for 1 cup of cereal. When cooking liquid porridge of water (milk solution, vegetable or meat broth), a larger amount is taken - 2.5-3.0 cups. Many housewives close the pan with the finished porridge lid and put in a weakly heated oven for 20-30 minutes. To taste and based on the health of the patient, butter, sugar, and salt are added to the dish.

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