How can you quickly lower blood sugar

Constant thirst, increased urination, weakness and fatigue, dry mucous membranes are typical symptoms of an increase in the concentration of glucose in the vessels. To reduce blood sugar levels at home, you can with the help of diet, loads and folk remedies. We will make a reservation that we are talking only about the diagnosed type 2 diabetes, insulin therapy is always prescribed for patients with type 1. Insulin doses can be significantly reduced, but completely refuse injections will not work for the simple reason that you need to replace a vital hormone that has ceased to form in the body.

If type 2 diabetes does not develop for the first month, it will also not be possible to do without pharmaceutical support, at least for the first time. If you reduce blood sugar, normalize weight, gradually increase the intensity of stress, the dose of tablets can be significantly reduced. In some cases, all these measures in combination with a low-carb diet can compensate for diabetes without medication.

How to reduce blood glucose

Poor health - not the most unpleasant consequence of diabetes. Hyperglycemia (high sugar content in the vessels) threatens with numerous complications: deterioration of vision, renal failure, pain in the limbs, trophic ulcers. The higher the blood sugar, the faster the pancreas will wear out and stop synthesizing insulin. The hormone will have to be administered by injection, refusing treatment will inevitably lead to ketoacidotic coma and death.

In short, reducing sugar is the primary, vital task for any diabetic. The level to which you want to strive, called the target. It is equal to 3.5-6.1, if blood is taken from a vein, and 3.3-5.6, if a portable blood glucose meter is used. Measurements are carried out in the morning, before meals.

To reduce glucose, the blood should be affected from all sides:

Diabetes and pressure surges will be a thing of the past.

  • Sugar normalization -95%
  • Elimination of vein thrombosis - 70%
  • Elimination of palpitations -90%
  • Excessive Blood Pressure - 92%
  • Increased vigor during the day, improved sleep at night -97%
  1. Reduce the flow of sugar into the blood from food. For this purpose, carbohydrates are cut, nutrition is built on the basis of proteins and non-starch vegetables.
  2. To reduce insulin resistance, that is, to increase the ability of cells to "take" glucose from the blood and break it down. To do this, get rid of the main causes of insulin resistance - excess weight and lack of movement.
  3. Increase glucose uptake in the body. Its main consumers are muscles. The more actively they work, the lower the sugar level in the vessels will be.
  4. Stimulate the process of reducing blood sugar medicamentally. Drugs that are prescribed for diabetes can reduce insulin resistance, stimulate the absorption of glucose by the muscles, hinder its absorption from the intestines, and even remove sugar in the urine. If insulin is not enough, insulin therapy can be delayed with pills that stimulate the synthesis of the hormone.
  5. Provide body support with vitamins and healthy products to reduce the risk of complications. There are sugar-reducing herbs for diabetics. They are not capable of significantly affecting the level of glucose, therefore folk remedies are used only together with traditional ones.

Only such an integrated approach can provide compensation for diabetes, and hence the absence of complications. Diabetes can be curbed only by intelligent, thinking, disciplined people. The more you get information about this insidious disease, the easier it will be to deal with it. Currently, the life expectancy of diabetics does not differ from the average. The main condition for a long and active life is to reduce sugar to normal and keep it at this level as long as possible.

Nutrition rules for diabetes

Most often it is the wrong diet, combined with low activity and constant stress and leads to diabetes. And the treatment of this disease begins with the adjustment of the diet.

The basic rule of nutrition for normal sugar levels is less carbohydrate. It is during their digestion and glucose is formed, entering the blood. The most dangerous fast carbohydrates. These are products, mainly consisting of simple sugars, these include all sweets, pastries and starchy vegetables. When consumed, sugar enters the bloodstream quickly, in a large volume, does not leave the vessels for a long time, which contributes to increased insulin resistance and the development of complications.

Completely refuse carbohydrates will not work:

  1. They are found in almost all foods.
  2. They are necessary for the body to receive energy.
  3. Normal digestion is possible only with a sufficient amount of dietary fiber, which are also carbohydrates.

If sugar is raised, preference should be given to the slowest carbohydrates found in green vegetables, all kinds of cabbage, and mushrooms. Gradually digested complex sugars from legumes, unprocessed cereals, whole-grain flour products. The level of glucose increases slowly when consumed, so it has time to be transferred to the tissue in time. To reduce the amount of glucose entering the blood, diabetics recommended fractional six-meals.

To facilitate the choice of diet in diabetes mellitus, a system of glycemic indices was created. The index is assigned to each product. The higher it is, the faster the rise in sugar will be. Diet for diabetes is built primarily on food with low and medium GI - a large table with glycemic indices.

In addition to reducing sugar, patients often have another task - to eliminate obesity. Fat, which is located around the internal organs, directly affects the action of insulin. The more of it, the lower the activity of the hormone, respectively, the blood sugar is higher. For weight loss recommend daily calorie rate, calculated based on the level of activity, to reduce by 20-40%. See the article on obesity and diabetes.

Now a very low-carb diet is very popular. Compared with the diet that doctors offer diabetics, it allows even less carbohydrates, sometimes up to 20 g per day. This food allows you to quickly lower sugar and reduce the dose of tablets, results are noticeable after 3 days. Almost always a low-carb diet is accompanied by an active breakdown of fats. On the one hand, while accelerating the process of losing weight. On the other hand, when there is a shortage of sugars, acetonuria occurs, the patient's breath acquires the smell of acetone, and weakness appears. To get rid of this condition, the amount of carbohydrates is increased slightly.

Drugs against high sugar

Starting drug treatment at home without a doctor's prescription and a full examination is strictly prohibited. Names and doses of drugs are selected taking into account:

  • the severity of the disease, the age, weight and general health of the patient;
  • the presence of chronic complications;
  • contraindications for use. Most drugs can not be drunk with severe diabetic nephropathy, with liver disease. Be careful when choosing medication for heart problems. In pregnancy, hypoglycemic pills are completely prohibited;
  • necessarily takes into account the state of the pancreas. It is advisable to do a C-peptide assay to evaluate the production of insulin of your own;
  • if sugar is drastically reduced, a temporary drop in vision, discomfort or swelling in the extremities is possible, so the dose of the tablets is increased smoothly. Overdose threatens acute complications of diabetes - hypoglycemia and lactic acidosis.

Independently take into account so many conditions is impossible, so for recommendations you should consult a doctor who are familiar with modern methods of treatment of diabetes.

Sugar reducing drugs:

A drugAct
MetforminIncluded in the "gold" standard of treatment of diabetes, is assigned to patients in the first place. The drug has a minimum of contraindications and negative effects. Modern prolonged forms are easily transferred. Metformin affects the sugar level from several sides: it reduces insulin resistance, reduces the absorption of glucose into the blood and its formation in the liver.
Sulfonyl Urea DerivativesAffect the level of sugar, urging the work of the pancreas and enhancing the synthesis of insulin. They are prescribed when their own hormone deficiency occurs. The most modern and safe drugs in this group are glibenclamide (Maninil), gliclazide (Diabeton), glimepiride (Amaryl).
ThiazolidinedionesLike metformin, they can lower blood sugar by affecting insulin resistance. Drugs can be administered simultaneously if the dose of metformin is close to the maximum allowed. Do not affect the function of the pancreas. Rosglitazone and pioglitazone are commonly used in clinical practice in this group.
DapagliflozintTrade name - Forsig. Reduces the renal threshold, so the sugar is partially excreted in the urine. Increases the risk of urinary tract infections.
Glucosidase inhibitorsThey remove sugar with feces, not allowing it to be absorbed into the blood. When taking possible discomfort from the digestive system. Names of drugs - Glukobay, Diastabol.

Diet and pills are essential components of diabetes therapy. It is practically impossible to reduce sugar with drugs to the norm and keep it at this level without a diet. None of the drug, except insulin, is not able to quickly deal with high doses of glucose entering the blood. Conversely, if the patient is overweight, or the pancreas does not work well, a low carbohydrate diet will not be able to normalize blood sugar without drug support. You can confine yourself to a single diet without pills only when diabetes mellitus is detected in time at the initial stage - an article about the diagnosis of diabetes.


The role of exercise to control blood sugar is often underestimated. More than half of diabetics are limited to diet and pills. This is largely due to the fact that carbohydrate metabolism disorders are characteristic of people with low activity and high weight. Naturally, if in a healthy state a person was not friends with a sport, then with a deterioration in his well-being, he could not be dragged into the gym at all.

The only way out of this situation is to increase the pace of training very slowly. Usually they start with long walks, exercises, exercises in the pool, low-intensity types of fitness, for example, Pilates. Exercises lasting more than 40 minutes at least 3 times a week can significantly reduce blood sugar. The larger the muscle, the more it needs glucose, so preference should be given to exercises for the buttocks, muscles of the legs and back.

  • Helpful: Physical Education for Diabetics exercise list with instructions.

The next stage - cardio. They are approached when both muscles and consciousness are used to loads and are ready to increase them. Exercising at a fast pace not only reduces high sugar, but also trains the cardiovascular system, thereby reducing the risk of diabetic angiopathy.

With any compensation for diabetes, you need to exercise.

Lower blood sugar folk remedies

Herbal remedies have a negligible effect on glucose levels, so they can only be used in conjunction with traditional treatments: diet, sports, and hypoglycemic agents.

Plants with which you can reduce blood sugar:

  • haricot beans;
  • horsetail;
  • blueberry shoots;
  • cinnamon;
  • galega.

It is most useful to take them in the form of infusions: dry raw materials are placed in a thermos, pour boiling water and leave for several hours, until the active substances pass from the plant into the water. Alcohol tinctures for diabetes are prohibited, as they worsen the course of the disease.

For vitaminization and general body strengthening in diabetes, rosehip extract, cranberry juice, lemon, onion and garlic, ginger root are good.

Trust in herbal remedies in our country is invariably higher than in pills. Herbs decoctions seem safer than the treatment prescribed by the doctor. Unfortunately, this conviction is wrong. All plants that can reduce the level of sugar, have a list of contraindications. Excess dosage or treatment without interruption has a toxic effect on the body, and may even lead to acute poisoning. Therefore, all Herbs need to buy only at the pharmacy, brew them according to the recipe from the instructions and drink courses. It is impossible to increase the recommended dosage, hoping to lower blood sugar more strongly. Before buying, you should consult with your doctor about the available contraindications for treatment of traditional methods.

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