Method of Zherlygin “Farewell to Diabetes”: a set of exercises video

The author of the “Farewell to Diabetes” technique, Boris Zherlygin, suggests that all patients with a diagnosis of non-insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus should permanently get rid of this pathology. To date, the disease is included in the category of incurable. Is it possible to forget about diabetes with this method? And how to deal with the disease in order to avoid further development of the disease and the manifestation of various negative consequences? After all, this pathological process leads to disruption of many metabolic processes occurring in the body, destroying the normal performance of internal organs and systems.

To date, there are various methods of dealing with diabetes of the second type, which constitute the passage of a comprehensive course of treatment. It should be noted that it is impossible to completely get rid of this disease, but it is possible to prevent the development of complications and constantly monitor its course.

The main components of complex therapy should be:

  • constant and careful observance of necessary nutritionꓼ
  • sports or physical therapy

In addition, the components of complex therapy is the reception of medication prescribed by the attending physician.

What are the risk factors for diabetes?

Type 2 diabetes usually occurs in people over thirty years of age.

Often one of the factors of this development is the presence of excess weight caused by improper human nutrition.

In addition, there are a number of reasons that can cause the manifestation of diabetes.

These reasons include the following:

  1. If one of the parents was observed manifestation of such a pathological process. Many diseases, including diabetes mellitus, can develop as a result of exposure to a hereditary factor and genetic predisposition.
  2. Strong emotional turmoil, constant stressful situations.
  3. Maintaining not active or sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity necessary for the body.
  4. As a result of various viral diseases that may be chronic.
  5. Hard work and lack of proper restꓼ
  6. Malfunctions in the normal operation and pathology of the pancreas, which cause the production of the hormone insulin in insufficient quantities.

In order to begin to deal with diabetes, it is necessary to carry out appropriate diagnostics and, at least, donate blood for analysis. Often the first signs of pathology appear when the disease is gaining momentum in its development. That is why it is important to undergo preventive medical research at least twice a year.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to pay attention to the signals that the body gives in the form of such symptoms:

  • constant feeling of thirst, dryness in the oral cavity, which leads to significant fluid intake (often at night)
  • a person is accompanied by apathy, constant sleepiness and high fatigue, in addition, irritability increases ꓼ
  • frequent urge to urinate and abundant excretion of fluid from the body, indicates the development of the disease and impaired water metabolism.
  • constant excess of normal blood pressure indicators;
  • irresistible craving for sweets and increased appetite, while, despite the consumption of more food, a person can lose their weight.

In addition, there is a deterioration of the skin, which can manifest itself in the appearance of various spots, rashes or redness.

The skin becomes dry and rough, its elasticity is lost.

What is the unconventional method "Goodbye Diabetes"?

Club Zherlygin "Goodbye Diabetes" invites its members to permanently get rid of insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.

Back in the early eighties of the twentieth century, the author began to be interested in the problem of the active spread and development of this pathology. The basis of interest lay in the fact that his son's doctors made such a disappointing diagnosis.

The Zherlygin's method “Goodbye Diabetes” is a way to gradually, step by step, move away from the development of diabetes and treat a disease using special exercises.

To date, there are videos and the book "Goodbye Diabetes", which provide complete information about such alternative treatment.

The main opinion of the author Boris Zherlygin is that diabetes mellitus, first of all, results from a violation of the carbohydrate metabolic process in the body, which leads to the gradual destruction of all tissues and systems.

That is why his methodology is based on two main components:

  1. Specially designed diet for diabetics.
  2. Necessary exercises and a complex of specialized physical activities.

The choice of means that may affect the development of diabetes, according to the author, depends on the correctness of the chosen physical exercises. First of all, during the pathology, the cardiovascular system of a person experiences a negative effect. Specially designed exercises help to achieve germination of new blood vessels, which favorably affects the state of the nervous system.

To get rid of diabetes by this method, the patient will have to put a lot of effort and effort. Only regular exercises and accurate implementation of all recommendations will allow you to feel a positive result in the future. You should not hope that the disease will recede within a few days after the start of the treatment complex. The duration of such therapy to eliminate the symptoms of diabetes can take from several months to several years. First of all, the main factors that affect the duration of the course are the form of the disease and the severity of its development.

It should be noted that modern medical specialists do not recognize this technique as a real way to get rid of the pathology. However, some medical luminaries of other countries conducted special experiments to confirm or refute the statement of the author, "Goodbye diabetes."

The program offered by the club "Goodbye Diabetes"

After recording for the passage of the medical complex in the Boris Zherlygin club, all patients must undergo a series of mandatory diagnostic studies.

Diagnostic tests are carried out in any medical institution that has the appropriate equipment and clinical laboratory.

Before the examination, you should consult on the application of the technique with your doctor.

These analyzes include:

  • determination of the patient’s immune statusꓼ
  • analysis for the presence of antibodies to insulinꓼ
  • analysis of insulin, proinsulin and hemoglobinꓼ
  • diagnosis of thyroid hormonesꓼ
  • spectrometric hair diagnostics.

It is the results of such diagnostic studies that allow you to fully track the current degree of development of the pathology, to evaluate the functions of the thyroid and pancreas.

The program proposed by the author completely changes the patient’s usual way of life. First of all, these changes concern the diet. The treatment course includes:

  1. Complete rejection of salt.
  2. Excluded carbohydrate products, with the exception of vegetables.
  3. The daily ration should include dishes with sea kale.
  4. Products high in zinc.

Proper diet and menu are made by professional nutritionists individually for each patient. In addition, diet therapy involves regular intake of herbal decoctions, which contribute to the improvement of overall health. Proper and balanced nutrition for diabetic is the key to the normalization of carbohydrate metabolism in the body.

The second mandatory component of the technique is to perform a special series of physical exercises that help restore the physical properties of the cells and normalize the level of glucose in the blood. In addition, the third component of therapy is the positive attitude of the patient himself, his confidence in achieving the goal and recovery.

Some diabetics prefer to do at home without attending classes at the club.

Especially for this, the author has developed a course, which can be found in his book or using video materials.

Physical exercise according to the method of Boris Zherlygin

The choice of physical activity in diabetes should be based on the patient's state of health.

Exhausting exercises in the gym or races on insurmountable distances will not bring a positive result, but rather, on the contrary, may cause hypoglycemia or a state of diabetic coma.

First of all, physiotherapy exercises should be simple and bring pleasure from its implementation.

A medical specialist, based on the severity of the pathology and the presence of associated diseases, develops special exercises individually for each patient.

As a result of their implementation, the following conditions must be met:

  • normalization of blood glucose and blood pressureꓼ
  • improve the ratio of cholesterol levels (bad should go down, and good should go up) ꓼ
  • rational use of insulin by the bodyꓼ
  • normalization of weight and getting rid of accumulated body fat
  • neutralization of stress.

Medical professionals often recommend aerobic exercise for diabetes. Due to such physical activity, a gradual reduction in weight occurs, no increased load on the cardiovascular system is observed. Its number includes:

  1. Walking tour
  2. Light runs for short distances.
  3. Bicycle or horse riding.
  4. Dancing.

Yoga and swimming in diabetes will also be helpful.

Medical studies of the effectiveness of the technique

Canadian medical specialists conducted a special experiment regarding the effectiveness of the “Goodbye Diabetes” technique proposed by Boris Zherlygin.

In the course of such an experiment, two hundred fifty participants were diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.

The main objectives of this event was to reduce the level of glucose in the blood, reducing the amount of harmful cholesterol.

Every day for two weeks, all participants performed morning exercises and warm-ups. After this time, they were divided into four groups:

  1. The first group continued their classes on exercise bikes - three times a week for forty-five minutes.
  2. The participants of the second group were engaged with the same intensity only on power simulators.
  3. The third group used power and exercise bikes for one and half hours per week in training.
  4. The fourth group did not change their physical activity, continuing to perform warm-ups.

The result of this experiment was the reduction of sugar and cholesterol in all groups (with the maximum efficiency of the third group of participants), which allowed to further reduce the dosage of sugar-reducing agents.

About the program "Goodbye Diabetes" is described in the video in this article.

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