Cholesterol 6: What does this mean, it's a lot from 6.1 to 6.9?

If cholesterol 6 mmol / l - is it good or bad? The indicator is measured in millimoles per liter. Ideally, the value should not exceed 5 units. Variability from 5 to 6.4 mmol / l is a slight excess from the normal value. When the analysis showed the result of 6.5-6.6 units - this is a lot, but not yet critical.

Despite the fact that 6.2 units of cholesterol is a slight increase in accordance with established medical standards, patients need to pay attention not to the word "insignificant", but to "excess".

When cholesterol increased above the norm - this indicates that the body has disrupted the full process of removing cholesterol, so be sure to act, so as not to regret the lost time.

Diabetics are at risk of atherosclerosis. Therefore, in diabetes, even a small excess of the norm requires special attention. Such patients need to strive for a target level of up to 5 units. Consider ways to reduce LDL in the blood.

Why does cholesterol rise to 6.7-6.8 mmol / l?

In diabetes, the growth rate is due to the underlying disease. According to statistics, every second diabetic is faced with hypercholesterolemia, so they need to control not only glucose in the blood, but also cholesterol level.

There is an opinion that the main reason for the growth of cholesterol is bad eating habits. However, this is not entirely true statement. Food, of course, plays a certain role, but does not appear to be the dominant factor, since only 20% of the fat-like substance comes from food, the rest is synthesized in the human body by internal organs.

When total cholesterol in women is 6.25, this will mean that the indicator is slightly above normal, a lifestyle change is required. If nothing is done at this stage, then the value will increase, which will lead to the formation of plaques inside the blood vessels.

High cholesterol in the blood due to the following conditions and diseases:

  • Diabetes;
  • Hypertensive heart disease (chronically high blood pressure);
  • The deterioration of the blood vessels;
  • Endocrine disorders;
  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Alcohol consumption, smoking, narcotic substances;
  • Drug intake;
  • Hypodynamia (sedentary lifestyle).

Hypercholesterolemia often develops due to a combination of several factors, for example, chronic diseases and bad habits.

At the cholesterol level of 6.12-6.3 mmol / l, first of all, they recommend diet and avoiding dangerous habits.

Against the background of these indicators are rarely prescribed pills. They are used when non-drug effects did not give the desired result.

Diet food with elevated cholesterol

If cholesterol in women 6.2, what to do? Need to revise your menu. Practice shows that you need to reduce the consumption of products that are in the composition of fat-like substance. Many diabetics refuse to eat cholesterol, but this is not correct.

An experiment was conducted: for a certain time, patients received food that did not contain fatty alcohol at all. Based on the study, it was concluded that this method does not help to clear the blood vessels. When only cholesterol-free food is consumed, the body begins to independently produce more cholesterol, which leads to an increase in LDL cholesterol and a decrease in HDL cholesterol.

It is low-density lipoproteins that are deposited on the walls of blood vessels, which threatens death from heart attack or stroke due to blockage of blood vessels. In case of diabetes, it is necessary to minimize the consumption of the following food:

  1. Egg yolks.
  2. Offal.
  3. Palm / coconut oil.
  4. Margarine and butter.
  5. Fats of animal origin.
  6. Fat meat.
  7. Cod liver, squids.

It is necessary to eat vegetables and fruits - they are enriched with fiber. Fish recommended salmon, tuna, halibut. The menu includes rapeseed, flaxseed and olive oils. Useful products for hypercholesterolemia include:

  • Raspberries, strawberries and blackberries;
  • Apples, peaches and oranges;
  • Bean products;
  • Beets, carrots, radishes and radishes.

In diabetes, you should choose fruits and vegetables that contain a small concentration of sugar, so as not to provoke a hyperglycemic state. Morning is better to start with porridge on the water. To improve the taste add a little dried fruit - dried apricots, prunes.

For lunch, it is better to eat soup, but not rich on a piece of meat, but on vegetables. On the second porridge or pasta from durum wheat. The food must include fish, it fills the deficiency of amino acids in the body.

Cooking methods for high cholesterol - cooking, baking, stewing. You can use the grill.

Drugs for high cholesterol

If cholesterol 6 units - is it a lot or not? In accordance with medical regulations, the value is elevated. Prophylaxis is required, preventing further growth of HDL in the blood. Drugs are prescribed in those cases where 5-6 months of dietary intake did not help to reduce OX.

In most cases, prescribed drugs belonging to the group of statins. These agents block the absorption of a fat-like substance in the intestine. There are several generations of medicines. The first generation include Lovastatin and Simvastatin. Tablets need to be taken for a long time, there is a not very pronounced effect, often side effects develop.

Fluvastatin is a second-generation drug. It has a prolonged effect, accumulates in the blood, helps to clean the blood vessels. The third generation - Atorvastin - significantly reduces LDL and increases the concentration of high-density lipoprotein. The fourth generation - Rosuvastatin. At the moment, this medication is considered the most effective.

Statins with diabetes are the drugs of choice, because they affect the metabolic processes in the body, can lead to a hypoglycemic state. During treatment requires medical supervision.

Drugs lead to side effects:

  1. Dizziness, headaches, tremor of limbs, convulsive state.
  2. Violation of the gastrointestinal tract and digestive tract, abdominal discomfort, gas formation, loose stools.
  3. Violation of erectile function and weakening of sexual desire in men.
  4. Sleep disorder - drowsiness or insomnia.
  5. Allergic reactions.

The likelihood of side effects increases when statins are combined with fibrates, antibacterial drugs, cytostatics.

If total cholesterol is above 6 mmol / l, then additional analysis is required to determine the level of triglycerides, LDL and HDL. Based on the obtained results, drug or non-drug treatment is prescribed for diabetes mellitus.

On the methods of reducing cholesterol described in the video in this article.