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Accu-Chek Active Blood Glucometer: instructions for use

Diabetes becomes a common disease. A sedentary lifestyle, an abundance of refined food and other factors contribute to its development. To maintain the habitual way of life, the patient needs to regularly measure blood sugar levels. To do this, use the meter "Accu-Chek Active" - ​​this is a popular and popular model of the device.

Device Features

The device is suitable for daily use. To perform the measurement is enough one drop of blood. If there is not enough material, the device beeps. He points to the need for a second attempt after replacing the test strip.

Older models required encoding. For this purpose, special plates with a digital code were put into the package with stripes. He was depicted on the box itself. The use of strips was impossible if the two parameters did not match. Therefore, it became more convenient to use Accu-Chek, since the activation meter is not needed for the meter.

Turning on the device is very simple: just insert a test strip into it. The device is equipped with a liquid crystal display, which has almost 100 segments. After checking the glucose level, you can make notes. For example, to note the testimony after a snack or before it, during exercise and the like.

Device life depends on proper storage conditions:

  • admissible temperature (without battery): from -25 to + 70 ° C;
  • with battery: -20 to + 50 ° C;
  • humidity level up to 85%.

The manual to "Accu-Chek Active" contains information about undesirable use of the device in places that exceed the height of the sea level by 4 thousand meters.

Pluses of the device

The device's memory is capable of storing information about 500 measurements. They can be sorted by different filters. All this allows you to visually see the state changes. If necessary, information can be transferred to a personal computer using a USB cable. Old models have only infrared.

Using Accu-Chek Active is easy: after analyzing the indicator will be displayed on the display for five seconds. You do not need to press buttons for this. The device is equipped with a backlight, which makes it convenient to use for people with low visual acuity. A battery indicator is always displayed on the screen. If necessary, it is replaced. Automatically turns off after 30 seconds in standby mode. Low weight allows you to carry your device in a bag.

Standard equipment

The kit includes a specific set of components. First of all, it is the meter itself with one battery. Next is the proprietary device for piercing the finger and getting blood. There are ten lancets and test strips. For a comfortable and safe transportation of the product you need a special case - it comes as standard. The device comes with a cable for connecting to a personal computer.

The box always has a warranty card for the Accu-Chek Active meter and instructions for use. All documents must have a translation into Russian. The manufacturer estimates the service life of 50 years.

Features of the procedure

The process of measuring blood sugar is carried out in several stages. Preparation for the study begins with thorough washing of hands with soap and water. Fingers are massaged and kneaded. Strip better to prepare in advance. If the model requires encoding, then you should make sure that the numbers of the activation chip and the packaging match. The lancet is installed in the handle, with which the protective cap is previously removed. Next, you need to adjust the depth of the puncture. Children need one step, adults - three.

Finger for blood sampling rubbed with alcohol. A puncture device is applied to the section and the trigger is pressed. For the best exit of blood on a zone slightly press. Prepared strip set in the machine. A finger with a drop of blood is brought to the green zone. Then it remains to wait for the result. If there is not enough material, the meter will beep. The result can be memorized or recorded. If necessary, put a label.

Poor or expired strips do not work and give inaccurate data. Therefore, it is better not to use them. The device is easy to connect to the computer. To do this, the cable is first connected to the port of the device, and then to the corresponding connector of the system unit. All the necessary programs can be obtained on the official website of the manufacturer.

Possible problems

Any devices may not work properly. Therefore, the meter should be checked regularly. This will require a solution of pure glucose. It can be purchased at the pharmacy. Testing apparatus is necessary in the following situations:

  • after cleaning;
  • buying new test strips;
  • distorted data.

For testing not blood is applied to the strip, but pure glucose. After that, the obtained data is compared with the indicators that are shown on the tube. Sometimes during the operation of the device there are different errors. The emblem of the sun appears on the display in cases where the apparatus is exposed to excessive heat. In this case, it is enough to remove it in the shadow. If the “E-5” code simply occurs, then the meter is under strong electromagnetic radiation.

If the strip is installed incorrectly, the cipher "E-1" is displayed. To remedy the situation, simply remove it and insert it again. At very low levels of glucose (less than 0.6 mmol / l), the code "E-2" is displayed. In the case when the sugar level is very high (more than 33 mmol / l), the error "H1" appears on the display. At malfunction of the device the code "EEE" is highlighted.

In case of serious breakdowns, it is better to contact service centers, where good specialists will carry out diagnostics and repair of the product.

Consumer reviews

I have long been ill with diabetes. I keep a food diary and always write down glucose indicators. But over the years it becomes hard to do this, the memory began to fail. The device itself saves all the results, and they can be checked at any time. Satisfied with the acquisition.


Bought a glucometer on the advice of a doctor. Disappointed in the purchase. Synchronization with a computer is not so easy to do, because the bundle does not contain the necessary programs. You have to search for them on the Internet yourself. All other functions are satisfied. The device is never wrong. It stores a large number of indicators in memory. At the doctor's office you can always see them and trace the dynamics in the change of state.


I use the device for more than a year and everyone is happy. Always shows the correct data. Easy to use. I checked the data with the device in the clinic - there are no discrepancies. Therefore, I advise everyone to use this model. By its value and quality is the best ratio.


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