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Insulin Storage Bags

Insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus is a disease in which there is complete pancreatic dysfunction. And to compensate for the hormone that it ceases to produce (insulin), special insulin injections are prescribed. Diabetics need to put them from 1 to 4 times a day and it is not always possible to do this at home. If the patient has a long trip, he needs how to prepare for it and provide all the necessary conditions for the storage of injections. And since they cannot be supercooled and overheated, an insulin bag, which ensures the maintenance of optimal conditions for storing the drug, will be an ideal option in this case.

What it is?

Thermocover for insulin is a special design that maintains inside the optimum temperature for storing injections and provides them with protection from direct sunlight. In case of hot weather, it is recommended to put a helium bag inside the bag, which has been lying in the refrigerator for several hours. This maximizes the cooling effect that protects the injection from overheating.

These products are designed specifically to ensure that people with diabetes can travel normally and not worry about the fact that they have a sharp jump in blood sugar, and they don’t have a vital drug on hand. Depending on the model and type of production, the case is able to keep the optimum temperature for insulin storage up to 45 hours.

To activate such products, they should be dipped in cold water for 5-15 minutes. And in order to achieve maximum cooling and increase storage time, special helium bags are placed in a thermo bag, as already mentioned. You can purchase them separately. However, most modern models already have such bags in their complex.

All this provides for independently adjusting the temperature of insulin in the range of 18-26 degrees, provided that the external air temperature does not exceed 37 degrees. In very hot weather storage time is reduced.

And before using the product for storage of the medicinal product, it is necessary to make sure that the temperature of the drug is the same as the manufacturer’s requirements. Since insulin is of different types, the requirements for their storage are different. More details about them are described in the instructions.

It should be noted that insulin storage bags are of several types:

  • small, designed to transport insulin pens;
  • large, which allow you to store insulin of various sizes.

Insulin Thermo Bag

Insulin refrigerators can vary widely. Depending on the model and type of product, they can be of different shapes and colors, so that everyone can easily choose the most suitable option for themselves.

Reusable insulin pen

If you comply with all the operating conditions of covers, then they can last for many years. They greatly facilitate the life of the patient, as they allow you to forget about the various cooling packages once and for all. The diabetic can safely travel, knowing that the medicine is always at hand.

Covers themselves represent a two-chamber design. The outer surface is covered with a special fabric that prevents sunlight from penetrating inside the product, and the inner surface is sewn of cotton and polyester. Inside there is a small pocket containing crystals, which cool quickly and are able to keep the temperature low for a long time, thus protecting the insulin from overheating.

Varieties of products

There are several types of products that can be used to transport and store insulin. These include:

  • mini covers;
  • thermobags;
  • containers.

Insulin Containers

The best option for storage and transportation of insulin injections is a thermo bag. Inside it has a special case that protects the drug from direct exposure to ultraviolet radiation and creates all the necessary conditions for the preservation of the drug in the heat and cold.

Containers are small items that are designed to transport a single quantity of a substance. By itself, the design does not possess such properties as a thermal bag, that is, it does not protect the drug from UV rays and cold. But it ensures the integrity of the capacity in which the tool is stored.

Many manufacturers and doctors advise before putting insulin in the storage chamber, it should be wrapped with a moistened piece of any fabric. This will avoid not only mechanical damage to the drug, but also to preserve its biological properties.

Mini-covers are the most affordable and simple products for the storage of insulin. They are small in size and easily fit in a woman's handbag. But they have one drawback, you won't take much insulin with you. Only one insulin pen or syringe can be immersed in them. Therefore, mini-covers for long trips are not recommended.

If you are an avid traveler, then the best option for you is thermocover. Besides the fact that it provides storage of insulin for about 45 hours, it also places several syringes or pens at once.

How to store the product?

Thermocoups ensure the preservation of the optimal temperature for storage of insulin for 45 hours. However, in some cases, this time may be much less (for example, at very high external temperature or incorrect activation of the product), which is determined by the state of the gel - its volume decreases and the contents of the pocket take the form of crystals.

Helium cooling pockets

As mentioned above, to activate the product, it must be immersed in cold water. Its residence time in it depends on the model and type of construction and can vary from 5 to 10 minutes.

It is impossible to put a thermo bag in the fridge for cooling, as it may be damaged. It is extremely dangerous to put such products in freezers, as inside them there is a gel containing moisture. It can freeze to ice and freeze the product to the chamber shelf, after which its removal will lead to severe damage to the external surfaces of the structure.

If thermo bags or mini covers are rarely used, then the pocket containing the gel must be dried without fail until it takes the form of crystals. And in order that the crystals formed do not stick together, the pocket must be shaken periodically during drying.

It should be noted that, depending on the external conditions in which the product is dried, this process can take up to several weeks. And to speed it up, it is recommended to place the product near a ventilation system or a battery. After the gel takes a crystalline form, the thermobag should be removed in a dry place, where ultraviolet rays do not fall.

These products are very convenient to use. They do not require special storage conditions, but at the same time provide the diabetic with a calm state of mind wherever he goes. Indeed, in the event of an emergency, he knows that the medicine is always near him and he can use it at any moment.

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