How to control blood cholesterol?

A person does not know about the indicators of blood cholesterol until such time as health problems begin. However, the level of fat-like substances must be monitored regularly, especially in the presence of chronic diseases and diabetes.

If high cholesterol is not normalized, it adversely affects the human condition. As a result, a heart attack can occur, atherosclerosis of the blood vessels gradually develops, and blood clots appear.

When blood lipid imbalance is important to control the level of the substance to maintain normal health. Observation of cholesterol is carried out at regular intervals. Healthy people are enough to pass the analysis every few years. If the patient is over 40 years old, more frequent blood tests are recommended.

When a persistent increase in cholesterol is noticed, a number of rules should be followed. It is necessary to get enough sleep, lack of sleep is fraught with a change in the level of the substance. You should also review the lifestyle, give up bad habits. It will be necessary to exercise every day, because passivity and a sedentary lifestyle provoke blood cholesterol jumps even more.

Devices for measuring cholesterol

Measure cholesterol can be just at home. It will be necessary to adhere to a number of rules, ignoring which causes a significant distortion of the result.

It is recommended in advance to start eating right, to give up fatty and carbohydrate foods. For the period of the study, exclude caffeine, smoking and any kinds of alcoholic beverages.

Measurement of cholesterol produced no earlier than 3 months after surgical treatment. Blood samples are taken in the upright position of the body, it is first necessary to slightly shake the hand.

About half an hour before the manipulation, it is better to remain calm, to exclude physical activity. When the test is done by a diabetic and there is a need to establish a blood sugar level, breakfast is prohibited the day before. Dinner no later than 12 hours before the study.

Cholesterol is tested using a special portable device, and test strips are included. Before controlled analysis, it is shown to verify the accuracy of the apparatus with a special solution.

The procedure for blood sampling is simple:

  1. pierce the finger;
  2. wipe the first drop of blood;
  3. the next portion drip on a strip;
  4. the strip is placed in the device.

Within a few seconds, the result of the study will appear on the instrument display.

Test strips work on the principle of litmus paper, they change color depending on the concentration of fat-like blood substance. To obtain the most accurate data, you should not touch the strip until the end of the procedure.

The test strips themselves are stored in tightly sealed packages for 6-12 months.

How to choose a device

Choosing a device to control cholesterol, it is necessary to pay attention to a number of fundamental points. First of all, look at the compactness and instrument and ease of use. It happens that the analyzer is supplied with a number of additional options that are not always needed by the patient. Such options affect the price of the device. Equally important is the error of diagnosis, the size of the display.

The device is always accompanied by instructions with the standards, which are oriented when decoding the result of the analysis. Valid values ​​may vary depending on the chronic diseases of the diabetic. For this reason, it is necessary to consult a doctor, he will tell you which indicators are considered normal and which are too high and unacceptable.

Take into account the availability of commercial test strips and the presence of those in the kit. Without them, the study will not work. In some cases, cholesterol meters supplemented with a special chip, it facilitates the procedure. The set should be a device for puncturing the skin, it is used to minimize discomfort.

In some models there is a function of storing measurement results, it helps to analyze the dynamics of the level of a fat-like substance.

The most popular devices for controlling blood cholesterol are devices:

  • Accutrend (AccutrendPlus);
  • Easy Touch (EasyTouch);
  • Multicare (Multicare-in).

Easy Touch is a blood glucose meter for measuring blood sugar and cholesterol. There are three types of test strips included. The device is able to keep in memory the results of recent studies.

Multikea allows you to determine the concentration of triglycerides, sugar and cholesterol. Together with the device comes with a plastic chip, a device for puncturing the skin.

Accutrend received positive reviews due to its ability to determine the concentration of lactates, cholesterol and blood sugar. Thanks to the high-quality removable case, it is connected to the computer, it stores in memory more than a hundred of the last measurements.

Cholesterol Control Methods

The process of normalizing cholesterol levels is lengthy and requires an integrated approach. It is necessary to reduce the indices of low-density substance, but also to keep high-density cholesterol at an acceptable level.

Lipids can be controlled in several ways: dieting, lifestyle changes, medication. If the methods mentioned do not work, the doctor decides on the need for surgery. During surgery, eliminate the effects of atherosclerosis, restore normal blood circulation in the vessels.

Regardless of the underlying cause of high cholesterol, treatment begins with a review of the diet. It helps to normalize the violation of metabolic processes, reduce the penetration of exogenous animal fat.

To bring cholesterol to normal limit the intake of saturated animal fat, in large quantities it is present in the products:

  1. chicken yolk;
  2. mature cheese;
  3. sour cream;
  4. offal;
  5. cream.

It will be necessary to refuse food of industrial production, especially if it yielded to long industrial processing. These include trans fats, cooking oil and margarine.

Cholesterol index is reduced if you eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. The fiber and pectin present in them normalize the digestive process, bring down cholesterol. It is useful for controlling cholesterol to include oatmeal, bran, whole grain bread, pasta made from durum wheat in the menu.

It is recommended to increase the amount of omega-3, omega-6 unsaturated fats. In sufficient quantities, they are present in nuts, sea fish, flax and olive oil.

During the day, a patient with high cholesterol is allowed to consume a maximum of 200 grams of lipids.

Lifestyle change

In diabetes and atherosclerosis of the blood vessels, you need to know how to control cholesterol levels. Accelerate the principles of a healthy lifestyle helps to accelerate the metabolism.

The constant physical activity is shown, the intensity of the load should be selected individually. It always takes into account the patient's age, the severity of the disease, the presence of other aggravating pathologies.

Optimal to engage in such sports:

  • tracking;
  • walking;
  • Pilates;
  • swimming;
  • yoga.

If a patient has weak physical training, he has cardiovascular disorders, it is necessary to expand the load gradually.

An important negative factor will be the abuse of alcohol and cigarettes, strong coffee. Having got rid of dependence, the amount of toxic substances in the body decreases, which contributes to the restoration of fat metabolism. Caffeine is replaced with herbal tea, chicory or hibiscus.

It is useful to reduce weight, especially this is important when the body mass index is more than 29 points. Dropping just 5 percent of its weight, so will the amount of bad cholesterol.

The advice is good for patients with visceral type of obesity, when the waist circumference of a man is more than 100 cm, in a woman - from 88 cm.

Medical methods

When diet and exercise does not help bring down cholesterol, you have to start taking medicines. Cholesterol is reduced through the use of statins, fibrates, bile acid sequestrants.

Positive reviews received statins Rosuvastatin, Atorvastatin, Simvastatin. The drugs inhibit the production of endogenous cholesterol by the liver, keep its blood concentration under control. Treatment should be taken 3-6 months each.

The most commonly prescribed fibrates are Fenofibrate, Clofibrate. They are responsible for stimulating the transformation of cholesterol into bile acids. Excess substance is excreted from the body.

Sequestrants bind bile acids and cholesterol, evacuate them from the body. Colestipol and Cholestyramine became popular drugs. Tablets are rich in omega-3, increase the high-density blood cholesterol. Hypolipidemic drugs help to reduce the likelihood of atherosclerosis of vessels.

In fact, cholesterol control is a joint task for the doctor and patient. The patient is required to undergo regular medical examinations, stick to a diet, and constantly check the indicators of a fat-like substance.

If the target values ​​of cholesterol are achieved, the risk of stroke and heart attack decreases immediately by three times.

Interpretation of results

According to recent studies, the total amount of fat-like blood substance should not exceed 4.5 mmol / l. But it is imperative to take into account that the real rate of cholesterol for different ages varies.

For example, at the age of 45, cholesterol is considered normal at 5.2 mmol /, the older a person becomes, the higher the rate increases. And for men and women, the figures differ.

Experience shows that to control cholesterol it is not necessary to constantly go to the laboratory. In the presence of a good and accurate electrochemical glucometer, the diabetic will determine the blood lipid indices without leaving home.

Modern devices for rapid research have become a new step in medicine. The latest models of analyzers make it possible to check not only the concentration of sugar and cholesterol, but also the indicator of triglycerides.

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