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What can you drink alcohol in acute pancreatitis: beer and red wine?

The pancreas plays a crucial role in the digestive process. Enzymes that are produced by the gland, break down food, turning them into energy for life. If the work of the pancreas deteriorates, then all body systems suffer, providing conditions for the development of many diseases.

Pancreatitis is an inflammatory disease that, in the acute phase, can be fatal. When pancreatitis is important to adhere to a healthy diet, that is, to eat those products that will not irritate the pancreas, thereby not able to aggravate the condition, so drink with pancreatitis, definitely not recommended!

The development of pancreatitis and alcohol

If a person develops pancreatitis, the consumption of alcoholic beverages, whatever the drink, has a negative effect on the situation. Pancreatitis can be acute or chronic. Any of the types can complicate alcohol intake, even with a small alcohol content. The recommendation is unequivocal - in case of pancreatitis, any alcohol should be completely excluded, this also applies to such beverages as beer, or red wine.

However, chronic alcoholics neglect this caution, consuming both vodka and red wine, arguing that small doses of alcohol do not pose a danger to the state of the body. They argue that alcohol with pancreatitis helps to relieve pain that is characteristic of the disease.

There is a common misconception that alcoholic beverages have a beneficial effect on the course of peptic ulcer. Without a doubt, this is one of the most dangerous delusions, and you can cite a lot of examples in which beer and red wine became the first step towards death.

Is there a connection with the amount of alcohol with pancreatitis

Many wonder how much alcohol is safe? The answer is simple: there is simply no such amount, because even a small portion of alcohol can have a negative impact on the pancreas, and in any case will exacerbate chronic pancreatitis, no matter what drink it is, starting with vodka, and ending with such offers as beer or Red wine.

Doctors trace a clear link between the exacerbation of the chronic form of pancreatitis or its development under the influence of alcohol.

As for the use of alcohol by women, the process of acquiring chronic pancreatitis is much faster than in men. Alcoholic beverages lead not only to inflammation of the pancreas, but also to the development of a whole list of associated diseases, for example, diabetes can form. Drinking alcohol in this case is strictly contraindicated, the patient should not even have such a question.

In the list of food products that cause maximum damage to the pancreas, alcoholic beverages are in the forefront, so their use is strictly prohibited.

How does alcohol

The negative impact of all varieties of alcoholic beverages due to the fact that during the ingress of alcohol in the pancreas, it stimulates the spasm of the ducts. Moreover, this happens even when the gland is healthy. Enzymes that digest food accumulate inside the gland and begin to digest from the inside, so an inflammatory process is formed.

Based on these processes, it can be said that an alcoholic is much more likely to get pancreatitis than a person who does not drink alcohol during disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.

In most cases, the patient may be diagnosed with pancreatonecrosis in the chronic form of alcoholism. This disease is dangerously high risk of death.

Thus, human health, especially the health of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract, and the systematic use of alcohol are incompatible and mutually exclusive things. Moreover, even small doses of alcoholic beverages for a healthy person are fraught with various violations of the body systems. A lot of such examples can lead any doctor.

What to drink instead of alcohol

It is much better to find out what healthy drinks you can drink with the disease. The work of the pancreas has a positive effect:

  • Herbal Fees;
  • Bran;
  • Broth hips.

These drinks have a beneficial effect not only on the course of chronic pancreatitis, but also on the work of all systems and organs of the human body.

Pancreas in alcoholism (in alcoholics)

Alcoholism is the cause of the gradual but steady destruction of the human body, as well as constant psychological suffering. Alcohol abuse in any case negatively affects the pancreas, increasing the risk of pancreatitis. The disease often leads to irreversible consequences, often it becomes the cause of death of a person.

Scientists have long proven that pancreatic cells are particularly sensitive to alcohol, even more than liver cells. In almost half the cases, chronic biliary pancreatitis develops due to alcoholism.

The pancreas begins to break down under the influence of alcohol products, which are rich in alcoholic beverages. Ethanol, which is in the composition of the drinks, the liver converts to acetaldehyde. This causes the following violations:

  1. Pancreatic cells change their structure;
  2. Vascular tissues are replaced by scar tissue;
  3. There is a failure of microcirculation;
  4. The transport of nutrients to pancreatic tissue is significantly impaired;
  5. The iron cannot fully receive oxygen;

The above changes contribute to the appearance of diabetes.

The recovery process of the pancreas after drinking alcohol

Every person with problems of the pancreas should understand that only a specialized doctor is able to prescribe the correct treatment. Diagnostic methods can be applied only after a thorough examination.

To ensure effective treatment and a normal recovery process, regardless of the method chosen, a person needs to completely stop using any alcoholic beverages, this can be easily done if life is at stake. In addition, the patient is required to show a special mode that limits the load as much as possible and implies a strict diet.

If a complete rejection of the use of alcoholic beverages causes difficulties for the patient, he may consult a narcologist. Under the supervision of a specialist, the patient will undergo treatment for alcoholism and get rid of the disease. As practice shows, this professional approach allows reliably get rid of the difficulties associated with disorders of the pancreas. Here you can still emphasize. you need to know how alcohol affects blood sugar, since it is a very important point in preventing the health of the body as a whole.

After excessive consumption of alcohol, in no case should you try to restore the pancreas at home. It is impossible to independently determine the severity of the condition, so you should consult a doctor. The best option for the patient would be hospitalization and inpatient treatment.

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