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Possible problems with sex in diabetes and how to eliminate them

It's no secret that sex in diabetes carries many unpleasant surprises. Sexual problems occur in particular in about half of men who suffer from this disease.

But in women, sexual problems occur in about a quarter of all existing cases.

After several unsuccessful attempts, people with diabetes stop altogether having sex, which puts a fat cross on their personal lives in general. This is not the right decision, because with qualified treatment and a competent approach, you can adjust your sex life.

As a rule, unpleasant consequences can occur not only in the period of a serious imbalance of carbohydrate balance, but also in severe infectious diseases. So how to have sex with diabetes and what problems may arise in the process?

Causes of incompatibility

As you know, this disease is able to impose its visible imprint on all spheres of life of each individual person suffering from this disease.

And there can be troubles in sexual life can be completely different. It is very important to do everything possible and impossible in time so that the problems do not become further aggravated.

With a negligent attitude, cardinal changes in intimate life are possible, which will gradually pass into the irreversible and serious stage. Therefore, you should not turn a blind eye to the problems that have arisen and it is important to promptly contact the doctor for help.

The main symptoms in both sexes that affect the quality and presence of sex life in general:

  • drop in activity and a significant reduction in the number of sex hormones produced. This applies to a third of men who suffer from this ailment for quite a long time. The main reason is a decrease in sensitivity. As you know, a violation of metabolic processes irreversibly leads to deterioration. At the same time, the nervous system also suffers, which leads to a loss of sensitivity of the nerve endings;
  • The above condition has a tremendous negative impact, especially on the male body, because of this, the man will not have an erect reaction. It was the absence of an erection that often played a major role in the diagnosis. But the other primary symptoms of men simply did not pay attention. In the case of diagnosis of the disease should not be prematurely upset, because timely treatment in combination with physical exertion allows you to quickly bring the level of sugar to normal, which has a positive effect on the condition of the man. This will once again enjoy the pleasures of sex life and avoid unpleasant consequences in the future;
  • As for the main symptoms of the female, the main and most unpleasant of them is vaginal dryness. Sex may be accompanied by pain, and after a long process, cracks and abrasions may occur. The main cause of these symptoms is the absence of a moist environment, as well as the disruption of other processes. This problem is easy to eradicate with regular use of appropriate moisturizing preparations. It is very important to supplement this with special treatment with the help of appropriate medications prescribed by the attending physician;
  • Another problem is a significant decrease in sensitivity in some particularly important areas, especially the clitoris itself. The consequence of this may be further frigidity, which is extremely negative for the relations of both partners. To avoid this undesirable effect, you should in time refer to a specialist who will prescribe a competent and effective treatment;
  • constantly present discomfort during the act can provoke the occurrence and subsequent development of such illnesses as cystitis, thrush, as well as other inflammatory and infectious diseases. All of them are accompanied by pain, itching, burning and large portions of discharge of a different nature. The main reason can be called a reduced level of the protective functions of the human body;
  • The most common cause of problems in sexual life, which arise if suddenly one of the partners has diabetes, is a psychological barrier. Most couples initially lose all interest in the development of sexual relations, because they think that anyway they are doomed to failure. In this case, to solve the problem will only help a qualified psychologist who will answer the main question - whether it is possible to have sex with diabetes.
For many people with diabetes, the cause of the disorder may not be one cause, but several. Therefore, the treatment must be comprehensive.

Diabetes and sex during hypoglycemia

Hypoglycemia can begin in the midst of sex, which can cause discomfort during the process.

Doctors strongly recommend checking the glucose concentration, both before and after the act.

However, this unpleasant and obligatory procedure can ruin the whole mood.

Sex with diabetes is a common occurrence, so you should not complex in this regard. The main thing is not to hide anything from your partner, because it can destroy any relationship.

If you have a sexual partner relatively recently, but you have not yet had time to tell him about your ailment, then you should think about doing it as soon as possible, since omissions will not lead to anything good. Moreover, everything sooner or later becomes apparent.

Shortcomings about the presence of the disease threaten not only your relationship with your beloved (beloved), but also your life.

Sex and blood sugar

As you know, sugar fluctuations are manifested in the form of weakness, which negatively affects not only the quality, but also the presence of sexual intercourse with partners.

Sex and diabetes are quite compatible concepts, but sometimes it happens that surges in glucose levels lead to weak erections and early ejaculation in men.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with that and if you like, you can easily correct the situation. This can ruin the mood of both partners.

If problems appear relatively recently, you should immediately contact a specialist to help him correct the situation. The success of treatment greatly depends on the support of a loved one. In order to find out about the presence of the disease, you should promptly contact a specialist who will send you to the appropriate examination and analysis.

It is very important that, in addition to medical treatment, a course of psychological therapy is prescribed to help cope with self-doubt in relation to this disease.

Intimate life with type 2 diabetes

Few people know that sex in type 2 diabetes is possible with the following recommendations:

  1. maintaining a good lifestyle. It is important to ensure a balanced daily diet that is specifically designed for diabetics. Also important moments are adequate sleep, exercise and taking appropriate medications;
  2. increase desire. Men and women need to undergo a special hormone replacement therapy in order to fully cope with such problems as lack of sexual desire, lack of erection and vaginal dryness;
  3. replenishment of energy reserves. As an alternative to evening sex, you can try daytime. It will not overload the body too much, as, for example, the night;
  4. getting rid of dryness. It is very important to use a water-based lubricant regularly;
  5. use vibrator. This sex toy will help to affect those areas where numbness and desensitization are most felt. Over time, the sensitivity in the affected areas will recover;
  6. appeal to the doctor. In order for sex in diabetes to take place, it is important to consult a specialist in time who will help improve relationships with a partner so that they again begin to bring pleasure;
  7. ingenuity. Diversity in sexual life will help to establish contact between partners, restore former passion and make relationships more sensual.

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About possible problems in sex that women and men with diabetes may face:

Diabetes and sex are things that can coexist. It is important to adhere to a diet for diabetics, to lead a healthy lifestyle, take medications, and be honest with your partner. In case of failure, do not immediately despair - it is important to look for ways to solve urgent problems. Only in this case, you can count on a long-term and strong relationship, which will be fixed an ideal sex life.

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