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Sucrezit: Doctors reviews about sweetener

To begin with, I would like to say a few kind words in defense of Sucracite. Lack of calories and affordable price are its undoubted advantages. Sucrasite sugar substitute is a mixture of saccharin, fumaric acid and baking soda. The last two components do not harm the body if used in reasonable quantities.

The same cannot be said of saccharin, which is not absorbed by the body and is harmful in large quantities. Scientists suggest that the substance contains carcinogens, but so far these are only assumptions, although in Canada, for example, saccharin is banned.

We now turn directly to what Sucracite has to offer.

Experiments carried out on rats (animals were given saccharin to food) caused urinary system diseases in rodents. But in fairness it should be noted that the animals were given doses that are great even for humans. Despite the alleged harm, Sucrasite is recommended in Israel.

Release form

Sukrasit is most often available in packs of 300 or 1200 tablets. The price of a large package does not exceed 140 rubles. This sugar substitute does not contain cyclomates, but it contains fumaric acid, which is considered toxic in large doses.

But if you follow the correct dosage of Sucrazite (0.6 - 0.7 gr.), This component will not harm the body.

Sucrasite has a very unpleasant metallic taste, which is felt with large doses of sweetener. But not everyone is able to feel this taste, which is explained by the individual perception of each person.

How to use the drug

For sweets, a large package of Sucracite is 5-6 kg of regular sugar. But if Sukrazit is used, the figure does not suffer, which is not the case with sugar. The presented sweetener is heat resistant, so it can be frozen, boiled and added to any dish, as evidenced by reviews of doctors.

In the process of making compotes, the use of Suracite is very important, the main thing is not to forget about respecting the proportions: 1 teaspoon of sugar is equivalent to 1 tablet. Sucrezit in packaging is very compact and can easily fit in your pocket. Why is Sucrezit so popular?

  1. Affordable price.
  2. Lack of calories.
  3. Pleasant taste.

Should I use sugar substitutes

People use sugar substitutes for about 130 years, but disputes about their effects on the human body do not cease to this day.

Note! There are truly harmless substitutes for sugar, but there are those that cause significant harm to health. Therefore it is necessary to figure out which of them can be eaten, and which should be excluded from the diet. This is especially important when it comes to what type of sugar substitute for type 2 diabetes to choose.

Sugar substitutes were discovered in 1879 by the Russian chemist Konstantin Falberg. It happened like this: having decided to have a snack between experiments once, the scientist noticed that the food has a sweet taste.

At first he did not understand anything, but then he guessed that his fingers were sweet, which he did not wash before eating, but at that time he worked with sulfobenzoic acid. So the chemist discovered the sweetness of ortho-sulfobenzoic acid. It was then that for the first time in Russian history a scientist synthesized saccharin. The substance was actively used in World War I with a shortage of sugar.

Artificial and natural substitutes

Sweeteners are divided into two types: natural and obtained synthetically. Synthetic sugar substitutes have good properties. When comparing them with natural analogues, it becomes clear that synthetic sweeteners contain several times less calories.


However, artificial drugs have their drawbacks:

  1. increase appetite;
  2. have low energy value.

Sensing sweetness, the body expects carbohydrate intake. If they are not replenished, those carbohydrates that are already in the body, begin to provoke a feeling of hunger, and this has a negative impact on health.

The question involuntarily arises: should a small amount of calories be thrown out of the diet, knowing that more will be needed even further?

Synthetic sugar substitutes include:

  • saccharin (E954);
  • sugar substitutes made on the basis of saccharin;
  • sodium cyclamate (E952);
  • aspartame (E951);
  • Acesulfame (E950).

Natural sugar substitutes sometimes contain fewer calories than sugar, but they are much more useful than sugar. Natural sugar substitutes are easily absorbed by the body and have a high energy value. Their main advantage is absolute security.

Another advantage of sugar substitutes is that they significantly brighten the life of patients with diabetes, which is completely contraindicated in the use of natural sugar.

To sugar substitutes of natural origin include:

  • stevia;
  • sorbitol;
  • xylitol;
  • fructose.

Knowing about the side effects of sugar substitutes, many people are happy that they do not eat them and this is fundamentally wrong. The fact is that synthetic additives are contained today in almost all products.

It is much more profitable for the manufacturer to use sugar substitutes of synthetic origin than to invest heavily in the acquisition of natural ones. Therefore, even without realizing it, a person consumes a large amount of sugar substitutes.

Important! Before you buy a product, you need to carefully examine its composition and reviews about it. This will help reduce the amount of synthetic sweeteners consumed.

Something else

From the foregoing, it is clear that only excessive consumption of sweeteners can cause major harm, therefore, always follow the correct dosage of the drug. Moreover, this rule applies to both artificial and natural sugar substitutes.

Ideally, their use should be minimized. Of particular danger are carbonated drinks, on the label of which is marked "light", they are generally better to exclude from the diet.

Sucrezit will definitely help those who want to lose weight, reduce their daily calorie intake. But at the same time it is necessary to follow all the recommendations that are relevant to any sugar substitutes.

Reviews indicate that the normalized use of drugs, such as Sucrezit, does not harm, but only reduces the number of calories consumed.

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