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The benefits and the rate of consumption of oatmeal in diabetes

For diabetics, one of the important issues of managing blood sugar is a properly organized diet. Oatmeal glycemic index is not low, but it is at the same time the most affordable food in the diet to reduce glucose.

Oatmeal in type 2 diabetes due to some of the characteristics of the cereal and its beneficial properties not only slows down the process of absorption of glucose by the patient, but also is a low-calorie product for those who watch their weight.

However, like any cereal, oats, in addition to fiber, also contains a sufficient amount of carbohydrates. And this serves as a basis for diabetics to doubt the usefulness of oatmeal for them.

Therefore, not everything is so simple in the recommendations of doctors about the dietary intake of insulin-dependent patients by including this cereal in their diet. The review attempted to deal with conflicting opinions of experts about whether it is possible to eat oatmeal with diabetes.

Properties and benefits of oats

This cereal product, in addition to the fiber and carbohydrates already mentioned above, contains in its composition both microelements and vitamins, which can be useful for patients dependent on insulin.

Oatmeal is useful for type 2 diabetes, as for type 1 ailment, because they contribute to:

  • vessel cleansing;
  • excretion of cholesterol;
  • regulation of stable sugar in the blood, as in oats there are substances that are involved in the production of insulin and glucose splitting enzymes by the body.

In addition, those who are not indifferent to oatmeal, do not suffer from overweight and, as a rule, do not have problems with the liver due to the beneficial effect of cereal on its work.

There are three types of product from oats, from the grains of which the outer rough shell is removed, which is called bran - this is both whole grain and Hercules, as well as the product obtained by flattening the grains in the form of flakes.

As for the caloric content and the content of basic substances, then half a cup of flakes, which is about 80 grams of product, they contain:

  • about 300 calories;
  • more than 50 grams of carbohydrates;
  • from 10 to 13 grams of proteins;
  • fiber - about 8 grams;
  • and within 5.5 grams of fat.

Based on these data, porridge from oats still has a high carbohydrate content and if you cook it with the addition of milk, then this figure can be increased.

If, for example, milk is added to a portion of oatmeal, then the calorie content of the dish increases by more than 70 units, and the presence of carbohydrates increases in the range from 10 to 15 grams.

How do carbohydrates affect sugar after a meal?

So is it possible to eat porridge with diabetes or not?

If you count on the calculator the carbohydrate content in portions of porridge, then in oatmeal they are within 67 percent. And this in turn leads to an increase in blood sugar levels.

In a healthy body, glucose is regulated by the production of such a hormone as insulin, which gives signals about its removal from the cells and from the blood for energy production or storage.

The body of diabetics can not independently produce the right amount of insulin, so they are shown to consume the least amount of carbohydrates, so as not to contribute to an increase in sugar. Since it threatens with diabetes inherent complications such as heart disease, damage to the nervous system, as well as visual organs.

Carbohydrate food increases the level of sugar after a meal in the body, which aggravates the health problems of diabetics.

Fiber as a sugar regulator

In addition to carbohydrates, oatmeal contains relatively much fiber, which contributes to the regulation of substances in the body and, in particular, the level of sugar after a meal, by reducing the rate of its absorption.

To determine which products are most suitable for people with diabetes, use a classifier or the so-called glycemic index. At the same time, it is considered:

  • low glycemic index of foods, if their index has values ​​within 55 and below units;
  • average if products have GI values ​​that range from 55 and up to 69 units;
  • and high glycemic index products have, when their value has a range from 70 to 100 units.

So is it possible to have rolled oats with diabetes? The glycemic index of Hercules is approximately 55 units.

The glycemic index of oatmeal on water is 40 units. The glycemic index of oatmeal on milk is much higher - about 60 units. Oatmeal glycemic index is low - only 25 units, while oatmeal has a glycemic index in the range of 65, which is a high GI value.

Increased fiber content in oat products slows down the blood absorption of both sugar and other substances.

How to use oats for diabetes?

There is no doubt that oatmeal is useful for any person. However, oatmeal with diabetes mellitus type 2 should be used in accordance with certain rules of its preparation and consumption. Only when they are observed does it produce a healing effect.


It is necessary to use mainly raw grains of oats, and also straw and bran where there is the greatest amount of cellulose.

Decoctions from this cereal should be used after their sedimentation, preferably at room temperature. Their reception is usually carried out before the consumption of the main meal for half a glass, the dosage is gradually increased to two or three times a day and no more.

Treatment recipes

Consider a few oatmeal recipes:

  • muesli, i.e. cereal dishes that are already steamed. This food is not as effective for therapeutic action in diabetes, but it is convenient in its preparation, since it is enough to fill a portion with milk, kefir or juice, and it is ready for use;
  • Kissel from oats or the usual for many decoction. Such medical nutrition is useful not only for diabetics, but also for patients with disorders of the digestive or metabolic system. To prepare the jelly, just pour the crushed cereal grains with boiling water, steam the portion for a quarter of an hour and consume it by adding milk, jam or fruit;
  • germinated grains of oats. They should be pre-soaked with cold water and crushed;
  • oatmeal bars. For diabetics, they are very practical for the prevention of glycemia, since their use in the amount of two or three pieces replaces a portion of porridge-oatmeal. For road or snack while working, they are a good diet.


A truly useful oatmeal for diabetes mellitus type 2 has two methods of preparation - one, if you take the Hercules cereal, and the second, more effective - whole grains of oats.

To reduce the time of its preparation, the product should first be soaked in water, and, preferably, overnight.

Before that, the grain must be crushed with a blender. Then cold water is removed, boiling water is added and cooked over low heat until soft.

Medicinal decoctions

As an example, consider two medicinal decoctions:

  1. decoction with the addition of blueberries. To do this, make a mixture of pods from beans, blueberry leaves and germinated oats. All of them are taken at the rate of two grams for each product. Then this mixture is ground with a blender. Then it is poured boiling water (200-250 ml) and left overnight for infusion. In the morning, filter and drink the broth. Literally half an hour after taking the level of glucose in the blood is significantly reduced;
  2. whole grains of this cereal should be soaked overnight, and then grind them with a meat grinder. Literally several spoons of this raw material need to be poured with water in the amount of one liter and put to boil for 30-45 minutes over low heat. Let the broth cool, and after that it will be ready for use. This recipe is most effective for normal liver function.


As for bran, they are the husks and shells of cereals, which are obtained as a result of grinding or processing of grains.

Since they contain the most fiber, they are beneficial for diabetics. The way they are used is simple, as they do not require preparation.

To do this, just after taking a spoonful of raw bran to drink them with water. As for the dose, it is adjusted gradually to three spoons per day.


Treatment with oats is unacceptable in cases of an unstable state of the disease, as well as in cases of insulin coma.

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